The Responsible Revolution is an industry-wide initiative geared at bridging the sustainable development and humanitarian space with the blockchain ecosystem, with the objective of driving progress towards the SDGs.

Responsible Revolution

“Blockchain and decentralisation could be the cornerstone of how governments, organisations and citizens build applications and systems for the good of society.”

VItalik Buterin
Ethereum co-founder

“Key Web3 players recognize the importance of the impact sector. We invite everyone to join and collaborate because united, our potential for growth and achievement multiplies.”

Antoni Martin
Polygon Labs co-founder

Key Data


To showcase blockchain as a key tool for improving program effectiveness and outcomes, while shaping policies, supporting impact startups and bridging connections between Web3 and SDG stakeholders.


  1. Change the perception of blockchain from untrustworthy, and controversial to professional, responsible and highly reliable (and spread knowledge and understanding in the process).
  2. Educate SDG Stakeholders on how blockchain technology can be used and implemented to have a massive impact.
  3. Provide tools and opportunities to blockchain startups so that they can thrive in the SDG space.


Annual progress tracking and
reporting by external auditor.

Target audience

  1. SDG stakeholders: Aid agencies, Regulators, International NGOs so that they can better understand the advantages of blockchain.

  2. Web 3 ecosystem: impact start-ups & local NGOs chosen by the Steering Committee, so they can enhance their know-how and operate more professionally in the impact space.

Programme Overview

Industry-wide effort
Four working tracks
High level Steering Committee


Two years

The Manifesto

  1. Design solutions with the needs in mind.
    Keep the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in focus during the design of your technical proposal.


  1. Map the blockchain game-changers.
    Identify those areas where blockchain introduces clear value-add – these are your strategic anchors.


  1. Involve the target communities.
    Their constant engagement ensures the relevance and sustainability of the initiative.


  1. Integrate ethics into every decision.
    Adhere to strict ethical standards at every project stage.


  1. Diversity breeds solutions.
    Including diversity and equality supports underrepresented groups and diversifies technological insights


  1. If it can’t be measured, it didn’t happen.
    Use quantifiable metrics as evidence of your impact; facilitate knowledge sharing.


  1. No sustainability plan, no deployment.
    Avoid haphazard development; ensure a sustainability plan is in place when addressing the SDGs.


  1. Embed accountability in every decision.
    Ensure transparency and accountability guide all decision-making.


  1. Coding is your realm of responsibility.
    Coding carries biases and values; code consciously.


Track 1

Public Advocacy

Fill the perceived knowledge gap to overcome resistance towards blockchain among key institutional players in key jurisdictions.

Track 2

Blockchain Impact Measurement

Methodologies and tools to prove verifiable real world impact conducive to enhanced trust and funding opportunities.

Track 3

Academic thought leadership

Improve credibility and links with tier-1 academia through frontier research and informed discourse.

Track 4

Responsible Revolution Days

Flagship events for cross pollination of blockchain and social impact initiatives.


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