Blockchain technology is providing new solutions to longstanding social challenges. As a technology, it can safeguard digital identities, strengthen value chains, combat corruption, reduce the likelihood of fraudulent elections, and protect valuable land and medical records.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the heart of what we do. Adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people live in peace and prosperity by 2030, these goals address our most important global challenges. All of our activities remain steadfastly focused on SDGs, as every initiative that we implement must address one of its core goals.

Yet the misperception of blockchain as something technologically complex that’s for only a savvy few is inhibiting its ability to do good. Impact Plus’ mission is to spread blockchain-centric solutions in the field of international development.

We do this by empowering local communities, partnering with startups and international development organizations, as well as through public advocacy and “Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning” services. Expanding blockchain’s accessibility demands that we link international and local actors, always valuing the latter’s deep social, cultural and environmental understanding when it comes to building solutions that are both sustainable and effective. The international blockchain organizations with whom we partner provide the support and expertise necessary to maximize on-the-ground success. We currently operate in Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa. We are particularly proud to have been selected as Polygon’s social impact arm.

How blockchain technology works for social good

How blockchain technology
works for social good


Our activities

Conducting thorough research and data gathering on the use of blockchain for social impact is important in order to fully understand its potential and ensure that it is being utilized effectively and ethically. Research can identify best practices and potential challenges, as well as measure the impact of blockchain-based initiatives.


Ensuring that blockchain is used responsibly and promoting transparency and accountability can help to establish trust and confidence in the technology. This, in turn, can help to drive the adoption and integration of blockchain into social impact efforts, leading to greater positive change in the world.


We are committed to bringing the transformative power of blockchain technology to the international development sector. From hackathons, to trainings and conferences, we offer education and resources to development professionals and connect blockchain experts with development organizations, all with the goal of driving the adoption and integration of this game-changing technology.


By increasing understanding and awareness of blockchain’s potential to create a more positive and sustainable future, we aim to unlock its full potential for social and economic impact.


This means that it is difficult to accurately assess the impact and effectiveness of blockchain-based projects and initiatives (while ensuring that they are ethically implemented), and to identify best practices and potential challenges. Our objective is to develop an inclusive standardized, replicable performance management methodology applicable to a wide range of use-cases.


Despite the potential for blockchain to drive positive social and economic change, there is currently a lack of robust MEAL (monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning) systems in place in the blockchain for impact space.

Program implementarion

Impact Plus is committed to implementing programs that use blockchain technology to drive positive social impact, while recognizing that there is a need for international development expertise in the blockchain sector. We aim to bridge this gap by applying best practices and methodologies from the international development and humanitarian community

Program implementarion

We implement programs with a focus on community involvement, transparency, and accountability, and adhering to the “Do No Harm” principle. Our work is designed to have a lasting impact and to bring about meaningful change for those who need it most. With a deep understanding of both blockchain and international development, we are dedicated to ensuring that our initiatives are effective, sustainable, and aligned with best practices and standards.


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